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10,000L Slim Tank

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Ready to take your fuel storage and distribution to the next level? Introducing our 10,000L Slim Tank System – the ultimate solution for convenient fuel management. Discover how this comprehensive package can simplify your operations and enhance efficiency. Are you ready to upgrade? 

Key Features and Benefits

  1. Enhanced Efficiency: The 10,000L Slim Tank System ensures swift fuel movement with its robust 240V pump and rapid-fill point, minimizing downtime and boosting overall efficiency.
  2. Enhanced Safety and Transparency: Featuring a 2" Dry Break Fill Point, Auto Shut-Off Nozzle, and a Sight Tube, this system prioritizes safety by reducing spill risks and providing clear fuel level visibility.
  3. Equipment Protection and Convenience: With an integrated 10-Micron Inline Filter, a 7-meter flexible hose, and an integrated meter, this system safeguards your equipment, simplifies fuel distribution, and offers precise control, all while maintaining reliability in fuel management.

Technical Specifications

  • Tank Capacity: 10,000 liters
  • Pump Voltage: 240V
  • Fill Point: 2” Dry Break Fill Point
  • Filter: 10-Micron Inline Filter
  • Hose Length: 7 meters
  • Meter: Integrated fuel consumption meter


Investing in the 10,000L Slim Tank and Dispenser System will help you improve how you store and hand out fuel. This system is a great example of speed, dependability, and ease of use. It was made to meet all of your fuel management needs and improve the efficiency of your operations.

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