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Opt for a solution that aligns with environmental responsibility without compromising on compliance. EuroBlue is engineered for diesel engines, primarily aiding commercial trucking in breaking down harmful nitrogen oxides (NOx).

Key Features and Benefits

  1. Cleaner Emissions: EuroBlue significantly curtails hazardous NOx emissions, promoting a cleaner atmosphere with every mile. 
  2. Wide Application: Designed for a variety of diesel-powered vehicles, from passenger cars to farm equipment, ensuring greener operations irrespective of the vehicle type.
  3. Quality Assurance: Trust in the premium quality of EuroBlue to comply with the stringent emission standards, fostering an eco-conscious driving experience

Technical Specifications:

  • EuroBlue is a superior diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) crafted to meet ISO 22241 standards, ensuring compatibility with SCR systems.
  • Available in diverse container sizes to suit varying vehicle requirements. Usage Instructions:

Usage Instructions

  1. Locate the DEF tank on your vehicle, ensuring it's clean and devoid of any foreign material.
  2. Fill the DEF tank using the EuorBlue container or an alternative compatible method
  3. Adhere to your vehicle's manufacturer's guidelines on DEF tank refuel frequency, as it may vary across different makes and models.

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